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My name is Dr. Lawrence Struempf. I am your Democratic Candidate for Wyoming house district seat #46.

What will I do? I will work hard to improve Laramie’s and Wyoming’s economy, focusing on the workers and small businesses. I will work hard to protect your individual freedoms and liberties. I will work to improve your access to state and federal lands for outdoor activities. I will work to improve our public education system. I will work hard to make the future better for our children.

Who am I? I grew up on a cattle ranch in Fremont County and graduated from Wind River high school. I earned a Bachelor's in Computer Science and a Doctorate in Instructional Technology from the University of Wyoming.  I am married and have four children, two sons and two daughters. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities with my family and friends. I work hard to help people in the community through non-profit organizations such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Interfaith, Laramie Cares, and many more. I wake each morning and look to the sunrise in the East for a bright new day with new opportunities and possibilities. 

As the next Albany County’s Wyoming House Representative for district #46, I will work for the people and with the people of our great county and state to solve the problems that come before me. I want to remind the citizens of Wyoming our state government is here to serve them and not special interests. I want to work to overcome partisan divides and create solutions that are good for all concerned.

I would like to be Wyoming your next house representative for district #46.

  1. I will work hard and honest for the citizens of Wyoming.
  2. I want to help protect your rights and freedoms; your rights to a good education; your rights to quality health care; your right to have access to public lands.
  3. I want to protect and improve the American public education system; to protect the quality of the teachers and the schools for the sake of the students.
  4. I want to help improve the economy by protecting current industries as well as exploring new markets and opportunities.
  5. I want to promote the application of higher social, business, and professional standards.
  6. I want to develop by precept and example, a more intelligent and serviceable citizenship.
  7. I want to put service above self and build goodwill with all for a stronger and healthier Wyoming.

I believe and live by the Code of the West

Read my history, education, experience, and related information on my Bio page. Dr. Lawrence Struempf's Bio

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